Analyzing Data with ADAGE

Resources and Further Reading

If You're New To Programming and Python

It's hard to do better than Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Python. The book is freely available to read on the web, but you can also purchase a hard copy through major retailers like Amazon.

Note that Python still maintains two major versions: 2.x and 3.x, and there are different versions of the book for each:

If You're New To Pandas and/or iPython Notebook

You might do well to watch this 10-minute overview by Wes McKinney, the originator of Pandas. The video isn't comprehensive, but it will give you a taste of some common operations in Pandas

10-minute tour of pandas from Wes McKinney on Vimeo.

Pandas also has fairly excellent documentation, including these tutorials for first-time users. I would particularly recommend the Lessons For New Pandas Users

If You Want To Learn More About The Grammar of Graphics

I would highly recommend Hadley Wickham's book. The pricetag is steep, though, so if possible, check whether your local library has it.